Dairy Detox: My 30 Day Experiment

I’m done with dairy! At least for now. I’m giving up dairy products for 30 days in hopes of FINALLY clearing up my sinus congestion. I’m sick and tired of one nostril working and the other one taking most of the day off. I have had seasonal allergies for years, but this season has not ended. I only sneeze once or twice a day, and deal with relatively minor allergy symptoms, except for the fact that my sinuses have been consistently congested for about six months or more. In the past I would just take a once-daily allergy medication for about three days, then I wouldn’t need to take it for a while. Not this time. I have been popping pills on a daily basis for months to no avail.  When I run or plays sports the excess mucus train really comes flying down the tracks. Pretty picture I know ;) . I’m frequently clearing out my throat and lungs, and having to blow my big nose. I know there are both sides to the dairy debate. Some people swear by removing dairy from their diets. In fact, I interviewed nutritionist and best-selling author Raymond Francis for a podcast, and he calls dairy “poison.”

Raymond Francis

One of the main arguments you hear against dairy is that humans are the only species that drink another species milk. Basically, cows don’t drink horse milk, and horses don’t drink elephant milk. But the dairy folks will tell you how nutritious and delicious their products are. I’m not arguing either actually. Trust me, I already miss my gooey frozen cheese pizzas from Trader Joes, frozen yogurt anytime/anywhere, and dipping my salt-free fries in ranch dressing! However, I already gave up milk almost a year ago. I had a major revelation… I always hated the taste and never drank a glass of it. So why was I still using it in my cereal? Once I discovered delicious alternatives like soy and almond milk I have never looked back. I’m a big fan of almond milk now.  

I’m doing this 30 day dairy detox experiment  to find out if my body does better without dairy, which many people say causes excess mucus build up and congestion, which can lead to poor health and disease. I can not say myself what dairy does, or if it’s healthy or not. But, after my 30 days I may have an answer to that. Today actually marks my sixth day without dairy. I have also started taking calcium supplements to make sure my calcium levels remain normal. I decided last week that I was going to give up dairy after having what I thought could be sinus/pressure headaches, and of course being really tired of being congested.  After three days of moderate headaches and no dairy, the headaches went away. But, I’m not exactly sure what caused those headaches in the first place. My sinus congestion is still the same after six days on the detox. But, many people say it will take at least two weeks, if not longer to see any difference. 

So, I’m committing myself to 30 days without an old and dear friend. We had a good run, but we definitely need a break. Really… it’s not you, it’s me. I just think we may have grown apart. Yes, I do remember the good times, they were great. But if we were meant to be, we will be together again. If not, can we still be friends???

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